CPsychol, DPsych, PG Dip, MPhil, BA

Why Therapy?

You’d like to feel better about yourself, your life, your future.
You’ve probably tried several approaches to help yourself, but you’ve run out of ideas.
You know that change is necessary.
You want to do the work.
Perhaps right now you’re just too ill, overwhelmed or exhausted to know what to do next.
You know that you need a collaborator,
Someone who will listen carefully to you,
Someone who will teach you new skills, if necessary.
Someone who will support you while you figure it all out.
Someone who will help you to explore new ways of being in the world.
Someone who will apply the best available science to your unique situation.
That’s what Counselling Psychology is all about.
Connection. Collaboration. Change.
Sounds simple, but it isn’t easy.
But if you’d like to experience what psychological therapy has to offer, I’d like to help you.
Asking for support can be hard.
Creating time and space to work on what really matters can be even harder.

But today is a good day to begin.