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I understand that you want to feel better about yourself, your life, and your future. Achieving this will require facing your current life circumstances, which can be emotionally daunting. This is especially true when navigating physical illness. At Counselling Psychology For You, we believe that having the psychological skills to fully engage with our lives is key to living well.

I understand that you may feel uncertain about how to cope following illness. I understand that you may be concerned that your situation may never improve and that you will not get to live the life that you want. You are not alone in having such fears. It’s more common than you might imagine to experience mental health concerns following illness, such as depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties or a changed sense of self.

My expertise lies in supporting clients to develop strategies to manage their experiences of illness.  I help my clients to:

Gain clarity about what it means to live well

Engage with difficult thoughts and feelings

Take steps towards concrete change through committed action

Navigate life’s challenges with confidence

Build deeper relationships – with themselves, with others and with their environment

Feel understood and supported

I’ve been a psychologist for over a decade now, and have seen how supportive psychological therapy can help clients to courageously reimagine what life might offer. Together, let’s move beyond feeling stuck, so that you are empowered to live well.

How I help

Below are some of the issues that I routinely work with in my practice:

Dr Louise Fletcher

Founder and Counselling Psychologist

I understand the courage it takes to confront our current life circumstances. With a decade-long commitment to helping individuals navigate their psychological health, I bring a warm and professional therapeutic approach that empowers clients to fully engage with their present lives, which is key to living well.


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